Day Two – Indesign CC (Intro & Lesson 1)

The Introduction video was very straightforward. Basically outlining what the goal was for each training video and Indesign as a whole.

During Lesson 1 of Indesign CC Essential Training (2015) I first learned how to create a brochure for mock business. Or more specifically, continue a partly finished brochure that already had some text as well as placements ready.

To start off, the training videos taught me how to insert texts, or .rtf files into the brochure.

Lesson 1 - Learning to place rtf text files

I also learned how to add images, as well as how to resize them to fit the brochure, and how utilize the “Text Wrap” tool so that images wouldn’t intersect with text and vise versa.Lesson 1 - placing images in document

After finishing the brochure, the training video then showed me how to save and export the document as a pdf. – brochure pdf.Lesson 1 - Finishing and exporting file


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