Day Three (Lessons 2 & 3)

Lesson 2 of essential training for Indesign was rather straight forward, yet overwhelming. Its main focus was giving me numerous key commands to help navigate through the program. While helpful, I think the only way I’ll be able to remember them all is if they suddenly become engraved into by brain… which sounds painful.

One of the more interesting things of the lesson is something I’ve struggled with when creating certain documents on Photoshop and never knew how to correct. When having blocky graphics in a document you can enhance them by clicking “View” -> “Display Performance” -> and clicking on “High Quality Display.” Below is a before and after of a graphic image I was focusing.

Lesson 3 went more in depth about adding and formatting text frames as well as graphic images. This would be helpful in many cases, but the lesson focused on the same magazine  spreads as in the previous lesson.

Below is an example of how we applied some basic text formatting.

One of the final things the lesson went over was how to easily import graphics into the magazine.Lesson 3 - Importing graphics



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