Day 12 – Lesson 2 Preparing a Form Layout

In Lesson to in creating PDF forms I learned how to create text fields, checkboxes and radio buttons for interactive forms. The information was all very straightforward just taxing and a long process.

I first learned how to create my object fields into text fields and went through the “Buttons and Forms” panel to choose the actions with that particular field, as well as what it would be used for like first name, last name, company name, etc.

The second image to the right is the complete fields to use for text. I also went through to create the tab sequence, which is where your cursor goes whenever you click the tab button.

After, I then inserted checkboxes and edited their normal on and normal off states, as well as some rollover on and rollover off features. The rollover on and rollover off states are what the checkbox looks like whenever your cursor “rolls over” the checkbox. These aren’t necessarily needed, but they add something extra to your form.

I also went and adjusted the radio buttons at the top of the form, which are slightly different than the checkboxes, but have the same basic concept. The biggest difference I noticed was that radio buttons work as choices, meaning that if you click on one button to fill it, then click on another, that fill will transfer to the last button you clicked.

I also went through some of the “Sample Buttons and Forms” library, which come stocked with InDesign. I wasn’t very impressed with them, and don’t really plan to ever use them. I feel like starting from scratch allows me more freedom to edit as I please, but for speed’s sake this would come in handy.


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