Day 15 – Lessons 3 & parts of 4

Lesson 3 “Placing Text” was very straightforward and very short. The first part of the lesson was very simple – placing the text, and after pressing command+D to place an .rtf and shift clicking on the top of the margin the the complete text would fill several pages. 90 pages to be exact.

That’s basically the lesson. I went through it to do some basic clean up of the text, but the real editing and formatting of the entire novel happened in lesson 4.

Now, where lesson 3 was very short, lesson 4 was very long. As a matter of fact I did not finish the the entire lesson today because of how thorough and extensive the training videos are.

Lesson 4 dealt with styling and texts. Mainly creating, applying and editing paragraph styles to make the entire document consistent. An example is using hyphenation in paragraphs. In many UK style publications words would be hyphenated whenever they came to the end of a line. This allows publications to use as much as the line as possible while signifying that word continues on the next line.

In the images below, you will see the hyphens clearly in the left image. In the right image I adjusted the hyphenation settings so that these hyphens don’t occur so regularly in a paragraph.

I also formatted chapter openers by creating space at the beginning of each of the Chapter Opening pages. Now the very amateur way to create this space is to press “Enter” for paragraph returns, but this won’t get the desired result.

The way I changed this was to edit one of my Paragraph Styles, in this case “Chapter number” and clicking on “Paragraph Rules” in the panel to the left. By checking the box “Rule On” I created a baseline, I then set the Offset to 90 points. This pushed the baseline to the top of the page, which I don’t want so I checked the “Keep In Frame” box to keep the baseline in the text frame. This then moved my type down 90 points to give me the space I wanted before the chapter openings.


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