Day 23 – Lesson 4 (ePUB)

This lesson, another long one, was about getting text for ePUBs ready for export. I first started with text frame spacing, which doesn’t show up on exported epubs because it will collapse tabs and paragraph returns. Instead, I made a copy of the text frames onto my paste board and put a number of guidelines so that I would know where the spacing was between each group of texts.

After, instead of using the paragraph return key (since it won’t show up on the ePUB),  I used increased the “Space Above” until each group of texts reached their designated lines. When finished I exported the document.

In another video, I learned how to use the “Perfect Prep Text” script to automate all of my character styles. My ensuring that the document already had a saved name, I double clicked on the script, which used all the Character styles in the appropriate panel.

For one of my final videos, I learned how to map the text styles in the document to HTML and CSS tags such as h1, h2, h3, etc. This would show which were my headlines, subheading and so on.

And finally I created a custom Table of Contents so that they would be linked in the final export. This would allow users to click on the chapter title and go directly to that chapter.

I created a new Table of Contents style based off the “Chapter title” paragraph style.


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