Day 27 – Project Day (Creating a PDF)

Since I was allowed to work on any project to do with what I’ve learned so far, I chose to work on PDF Forms, which I use form sheets to gather information on teams for my job whenever we are working on are Fall, Winter and Spring Sport Editions for the Alva Newsgram.

I contact lots of different coaches. For instance, we have just finished our Fall/Football Sport Edition and I contact coaches from Alva as well as the surrounding area such as: Cherokee, Waynoka, Timberlake, Mooreland, as well as coaches from Kansas (South Barber and Medicine Lodge). Because of this, I can’t go to each individual school and interview them one-on-one, so instead I email, or fax, an information sheet for them to fill out so that I can write a feature story from the info they’ve sent.

Write now, I’m working on Basketball Information Sheets since Basketball will be coming up in late November, early December.

Screen Shot 2016-09-16 at 2.15.12 PM.png

I started with a letter size document (8.5″x11″) and set two columns with a gutter size of less than a half inch in the presets.


In the photo above, you see that I’ve put graphic rectangles for the headline and footer of the page. I’m not sure if I will keep this or do some more editing after, these were just placed there to give me an idea of how I want to set the document up.

I then put a text field in the left column as some basic information that I always ask coaches: School, Mascot, Colors, Classification (i.e. Class B, A, 2A, etc.), and so on. Again, this was just to give me a basic idea of the outline.

I then went through and added underlined text fields by adding a paragraph style that would underline anywhere I put a tab or right indent. After adding more leading to put more space between fields, I redefined my Form Fields Paragraph style so that every form fields would be uniform.

I’m now defining where each of my text fields are going to be so that coaches can fill out their information both online and just by printing the sheet off. I won’t have the text fields with this color fill, this is just to show me where they are while I’m formatting everything.

This is all that I have so far, and I’ve been going over the the video Creating PDF Forms with InDesign by Michale Murphy. I’ve already gone over this video before, but it has helped so far to kind of refresh my memory. Plus I think the only way for me to get this process of creating PDFs down is by applying it in real life situations.


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