Day 28 – Project (Information Sheet)

Today I got a little further on my project, starting with turning those form fields I created last week into actual text fields, so that when I export the PDF I could click on the text field and type.

To do that I simply right-click, or control + click, then scroll down to “Interactive”, then “Convert to Text Field.” I then went to my Buttons and Forms panel to edit these text fields how I wanted it. For the short fields such as School, Mascot, Color, etc. all I wanted was for the fields to be printable and scrollable. For “Other District Members, Other Conference Members and so on I wanted them to be printable, as well as multiline scrollable. This would allow for coaches to click on the field and type for as much as they needed on an interactive PDF.

I then added a table to the PDF for my stat information that I needed. I’ve only started for “Returning Starters,” but I will have up to two more tables that are very similar to this.


In order to make this interactive so that coaches could type in the fields I did the very same thing with the prior Text Fields by adding Form Fields with the Rectangle Frame Tool, creating a new color swatch for the field, so that I could see the form fields, and then converting the fields to text fields.

In the right image, I created fake stats to see that the fields worked properly. They are each scrollable so that coaches will have as much room as they need using the interactive PDF form functions.


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