Day 29 -Lesson 3 (Interactive PDFs)

In Lesson 3, “Working with Interactive Objects”, I learned some basic tools in creating interactive documents mainly with the buttons and forms panel. Now I’ve gone over some of this with Creating PDF Forms with InDesign, so I was a bit familiar with most of these elements but it was a good refresher.


My goal to start was to link each of these photos (with its caption) to it’s proper “button” along the left side of the document. Now these aren’t buttons yet, but I had to make sure that the images were properly linked by first turning each of these images into buttons.


I first selected each image individually and converted it into a button in the Buttons and Forms panel and naming the the first image “Blue Cliffs Jade Sea.” I then added the caption next to it by grouping it with the images “Normal” state in the Layers panel. After checked the box “Hidden Until Triggered,” which means that this image will only appear until its trigger. I did this with each image giving it its proper name.

In the images below, I then aligned the images along the left most edge so that each image will appear at that specific spot when triggered.

I then clicked on the texts along the left side and changed each into a button that will actually have clickable actions. I named the buttons like “Show Prism Shield,” which will help me not get those confused with the actual images later on. In the Actions box I added “Show/Hide Buttons and Forms” and in the Visibility section I clicked so that the eye icon appeared next to Prism Shield, but on Tiger Lilly and Blue Cliffs, Jade Sea I clicked next to each image until the icon was an eye crossed out, so that they would not appear when this button is clicked. I then changed the “Rollover” state of the button so that text would change purple when the cursor rolls over the button. I did the same for each button.


In the image above you can see how the “Blue Cliffs, Jade Sea” text changes purple when the cursor rolls over, and when clicked the image appears on the right while the others are hidden until triggered by their corresponding buttons.


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