Day 34 – Lesson 1 (Illustrator Essentials)

Today I have started going through a beginner’s guide, of sorts, for Adobe Illustrator in called Illustrator CC Essential Training 2015. Just like how all my other training videos start, the first few lessons are going over basic information of the program (what it is, how it works, and setting up the workspace I’ll be using).

Justin Seeley is the “instructor” for these training videos, and what I already like about him is how committed he is to being accessible to other users that want to use or learn about Adobe Illustrator. He immediately gives different ways to contact him, through social media (Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.) so that you can ask questions if you have any.

Here is  tool guide that he created and went over that has the side tools that are used in Illustrator, as well as their quick keys.


Like I said before, these first few lessons are mainly going over the workspace of Illustrator as well as learning some of the basic tools I’ll be using. For instance, the most common tool I’ll use is saving documents to save my progress. But I also I learned that it is just as important to use “Save As…” rather than just saving over a document that I have changed.

For instance, in the images below, I’ve chosen to delete the border that goes around the poster, but I also want to keep a saved document that still has that border.

To do this, I select the border, delete it, then click on “Save As…” under the File menu.lesson-1-save-as3

I name the file what I want (beach_party_rev2), click save, then make any adjustments in Illustrator Options – if I have any – then click OK, then I have my other saved file without the border for Adobe Illustrator.



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