Day 35 – Lesson 2

After creating a workspace for illustration, so that I have all the panels that I will be using consistently throughout my work, I learned more about custom views and how to create them.

Custom views make it easy for me to view an object that I will be working on close up without having to constantly pan through the document to that object. And I can create multiple views.

In this case I have multiple views of a vertical business card, and I want to be able to view each individually, so I can make any edits that I need. First, I zoomed into an object, or a view that I wanted, then went to the “View” menu, then clicked on “New View…” After, I titled the view “Comp #2”, and then clicked on OK.

I then hit command+option+0 to fit the document to screen to create a view for that, then hit command+y to create a wire, or outline, view of the objects to create a view for that as well.

After creating custom views, I went through two different ways to create custom guides, which are helpful to create margins, or guides where I want specific objects there.

I first created a new document for business card with a height of 3.5 in. x 2 in. and a bleed of .125 in. around the entire document. To create guides, the first way to go to View menu, then scroll down to Rulers then click on “Show Rulers”, or simply press command+r. With rulers now showing, I can click on the ruler to the left or top for vertical or horizontal guides respectively and drag to where I want them to be.

Or, another way is to use the rectangle tool, click once anywhere on the document, and put in the width and height (3.25 in x 1.75 in) to put the size of the guides I want.

Unfortunately, in the right image, you can see that the rectangle is not aligned how I want. In order to align this correctly I need to go to the control panel on the top, click on the drop down triangle to click on “Align to Artboard.” Next, I click on “Horizontal Align Center” and “Vertical Align Center” to get the guides to align in the center.

Once I’ve done that, to make this into guides, instead of just a rectangle, I go to the View menu, scroll to Guides then click on “Make Guides” or press command+5 and I have my guides.


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