Softball Pictures

Last Friday I was gone for a softball regional tournament because Alva High School softball had made it to the second round to play against Perry during their elimination game in Perkins.

For daytime shots, I usually set my ISO to 200, even though 100 gives me a clearer photo you don’t notice a huge difference in clarity. Putting it at ISO 200 allows me to increase my shutter speed so that action shots come out  with less motion blur.

After taking photos I traveled back to my office where I did my usual editing. Importing them to Adobe Lightroom where I can edit massive amounts of photos faster, and more efficiently. I don’t do massive editing on photos that are for news for ethical reasons. The only thing I mess with is exposure, brightness, contrast, clarity and sometimes white balance. Even then, they’re minimal changes.

Daytime shots, or late afternoon shots, can tend to have too much orange or yellow hue, while nighttime shots (under fluorescent lighting) have yellow-green or blue tints. For this, the white balance comes in handy because I use Automatic White Balance (AWB) on my camera, and sometimes the pictures don’t come out right.

After I’m through editing through Lightroom, I pick 5-7 photos that I think are my best shots, and try to vary the action as much as possible, to import into Adobe Photoshop. There, I open the Levels tool where I mess with the black and white levels to fix any other issues with contrast or white balance.

I then go to Image menu, and change the color mode to CMYK instead of RGB for print. I change the image size to 7 in. x 4.667 in. (or vise versa, depending on orientation), increase the resolution to 300 before finally saving the file to import it into our shared folder at the Newspaper in Dropbox.

After I’ve edited and turned in my work, I upload all of my photos that made it through the Lightroom editing process (I end up deleting some because they don’t turn out, which is why I take anywhere from 300 to 500 photos at an event) to, which is the site we use for our photo galleries at the Newspaper, and where we sell them.


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