Day 48 – Magazine Project (contd.)

Since I had finished combining my cover image with the masthead last week, I wanted to to work on adding my cover lines. These would be my “articles” with a short summary of what they’re about to draw readers to this issue.

My four “stories” involve my main subject, Dak Prescott (QB of the Dallas Cowboys), and what will happen to him once Tony Romo comes off the injury report. Cam Newton (QB of the Carolina Panthers) and his continued sulking during press conferences when games don’t go his way. The MLB Playoffs and the Chicago Cubs fighting to end their 108 drought – they haven’t made the World Series since 1908. And the Big 12 Conference are planning to add two to four teams to their conference after losing teams like the Nebraska Cornhuskers and the Texas A&M Aggies

To start off, I added a text field to the past board and then typed each of my article titles, summaries and by lines (with page numbers) in just the default text. I would edit them once I began to cut and paste each into the magazine cover.

I selected “Dawn of a New Era? Dak Prescott’s stellar performance presents QB controversy for the Dallas Cowboys”, pressed Command+x to cut the text, then placed a text field on the magazine cover, then pressed Command+v to paste the text.

I then selected the title of the article “Dawn of a New Era?”, changed the font to Britannica Bold, increased the size to 36 pt, decreased the tracking to -25, and changed the font color to a gold with a black stroke to give the title more pop. I then proceeded to edit the summary where I changed the font to a simple Minion Pro with a font size of 16 pt, a leading of 14 pt, and tracking of -25. I used a white font color, since most of the image is darker, and bolded and italicized Dak Prescott’s name. With the byline, I used the same font as the title with an 11 pt font size.

Once I finished with that, I created paragraph styles for each of these and labeled the title as “kicker 1,” the summary as “explanatory 1,” and the byline as “byline 1.”

I then went through each of my titles, summaries and bylines on the pasteboard and applied each of my paragraph styles before cutting and pasting them to the cover.

I wanted them to be slightly smaller than my main article on the cover, so I did do some reformatting while adding new Paragraph Styles based off the originals.

I will be adding other elements to the cover later, but thus far the right image is the latest I have.


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