Day 49 – Magazine Project

Since I only have some minor elements to add to this cover before adding the final touches, I wanted to add a stamp element for my “Big 12 Expansion” cover line. The reason for this is because this is the only article that will feature a college level team rather than a professional team, so I wanted to add another element to it.

I used Adobe Illustrator to create this stamp, first using the ellipses tool to with a thick stroke of 10 pt. I then went to the Object menu, scrolled to Path and clicked on “Offset Path…” setting it to -80 pixels before clicking OK. This created an inner circle. I selected the outside path and repeated the same process, this time setting the Offset to -13 pixels. I decreased the stroke to the inner circle to about 5 pt, and decreased the other circled to about 3 pt.

I then added a rectangle with a stroke of 3 pt to the very center of the circle.


In the layers panel, I duplicated the center circle so that I would be able to keep the stroke for the next step. I used the scissors tool to cut the anchor points on the center circle to separate the paths. Using the “Type on a Path” tool, selecting the the top path of the center circle, I clicked on the anchor path with the tool to begin typing along that top stroke.

Using the Minion Pro font, bold, I increased the font size to fill as much of the space as I could. I then repeated the process on the bottom path as well.

Screen Shot 2016-10-18 at 2.10.14 PM.png

To add another effect, I used the star tool to create three, six-point stars and grouping them together, adding them to each side of my rectangle by option+clicking to duplicate. I then finished up with my final text.

I added a Burgundy type red to the fill of the stamp before adding my final touches to give a worn look.


I used the pen tool and created a curve. I then went to the Brushes Panel, where I changed the stroke to an Artistic Brush with a chalk stroke.

I increased the stroke, changed the color to paper, then added it to my logo.


I haven’t yet finished it to make it ready for my cover, but this is what the “stamp” logo will look like.



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