Day 50 – Magazine Project (finishing elements)

So for the Wednesday, I did some of the final touches on my magazine cover by creating a text banner on the corner and a mock sticker that showed the issue date, website and twitter handle.

For the banner, I created a text frame, and initially I chose the phrase “College Football News”, but later chose “NFL Playoff Projections.” I chose the Britanic Bold font, and a fill for the frame of a dark blue. I later changed the opacity of that blue to 60%. In the “Text Frame Options…” under the Object menu, I could make the text center align to the text frame. Rotating the text frame, I moved the frame to the position I wanted it.

Next, I created a sticker with the issue date, website info, and twitter handle while using a sticker effect.

First I wrote down the text with the information I wanted and decided to add a gradient effect on it to give it a shine. For the sticker, I placed an ellipse by shift+click and dragging till I got the size I wanted. I filled the circle with the same blue I used for the banner, and gave it no stroke. I then used the scissor tool to create to anchor points at the bottom. Using the selection tool, I selected the portion that I cut, changed the orientation point in the control panel then  flipped that cut section vertically to give the sticker a “peel” look.

To give that bottom section more definition, I created a “New Gradient Swatch…” in the swatches panel. After applying the gradient, I used the gradient tool in the left-hand panel to choose how I wanted the gradient to be applied across that section. I then went to the Effect panel and applied a dropped shadow to give it even more definition. After applying the shadow to that flipped section, I added another dropped shadow to the circle before grouping the text and circle together (command+g) and adding the item to the cover.

The only thing left I have to add to this is the barcode.



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