Day 51 – Lesson 11 (Illustrator Essentials)

For Lesson 11, I learned how to use the pen tool and how to use it to create simple objects, as well as trace over artwork.

I first went over how to create a simple rectangle, which I could use the shift key to keep my lines straight when I clicked on the page. After I used the ellipse tool to create a circle, then went over each of the pen tools (Add anchor points, Delete anchor points and the Anchor point tool).

After going over each of those, I used the pen tool to trace over a flower pot artwork.


By clicking and dragging I was able to create curved lines and try and shape them to the contours of the flower petals. After I was finished, I fine tuned by using the Direct Select tool to shape the curves better. Using the direct selection and option+click and dragging on the handles I was able to better shape those curves against the artwork. After finishing, instead of trying to do the same to the inside of the flower petals, I copied my first selection (command+c) and then pasted it to the front (command+f) then scaled the selection to fit to the inside.

I used the pen tool to trace over the rest of the artwork, then selected the whole artwork and filling it in with a black fill in the Swatches panel. Earlier I had only did one of the leaves, so I used the reflection tool on the left-hand side. placing the reflection at the bottom corner of the leaf as the orientation point, then option-click+dragging I was able to duplicate the leaf.

Finally, I used the Shape Builder tool, then option+clicked on the highlight section to delete the black fill.


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