Day 53 – Lesson 13 (Illustrator Essentials)

One of the final lessons of Illustrator CC Essential Training (2015) was about working with images and the Links panel.

First thing was placing an image on a document by going to the File menu then clicking on “Place…” This works much in the same way it does on InDesign by either putting the image on your cursor (if nothing is selected), or in anything that is already selected. Using the cursor I can click and drag anywhere on the document for the image to be placed, then use the selection tool to move the image where I want it.

Next was learning more about the Links panel, which is found under the Window menu. From the Links panel, I can check info on the image, its location and even update the link if the image has been altered or edited in any way. For example, I could open the image in Photoshop to apply some editing such as adding more vibrance and saturation to the photo to make the colors pop more, then adjust the curves. Once I’ve finished, I simply save the photo, then Update the link in the Links panel in Adobe Illustrator.



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