Day 59 – MRF Logo (project contd.)

So yesterday, I mentioned that I was having trouble with my font not being able to embed because, for what ever reason, the creator decided that the font could only be used for commercial use if you received permission despite it saying that it was 100% free.

Instead, I used a font called Aero at 117 pt size font. Also, after reviewing the logo further, I really didn’t like the arrow, so I deleted the triangle, and decided to use only the stroke lines. I positioned the strokes above and below the “MRF”, with “Services” underneath, then added two dashed lines to the sides in the middle.


I used the star tool to then add three stars in the pasteboard to position them, size and give them a color before adding them to the logo. I applied a bigger star, then added one smaller to the right before rotating slightly. I copied (command+c) then pasted (command+v) before right-clicking on that start to reflect it horizontally before playing it to the left of the other two stars.

After, I grouped them together (command+g) before placing them in the logo.


I decided to change the color of the stars to red before finishing.


Finally, I selected the entire logo, copied it, then created a new document before pasting my logo on that. With that “new” logo created Outlines under the Type menu so that the font would be outline paths. The reason I created a new document to do this is so that if I need to make challenges I can go back to the original file to make any changes I need.


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