Day 60 – Lesson 2 (Design Aesthetics)

In lesson 2 of Design Aesthetics for the Web I learned how to use elements of design such as texture, value, color, shape, space, type, form and line.

Each of these elements are vital to creating a good design for a website that is not only easy to look at, but emphasizes what that particular website is about. Again, these videos didn’t really make me deal with a certain Adobe program like Illustrator or InDesign. Instead it went through important information to consider when creating a design for a website, so I’ll focus on the things that I found interesting.

While color is one of the biggest ways to make your statement of the type of website you wish to represent, I found it interesting that it’s best to work in gray and white before actually putting it into color. Developing some of the main components for the website, such as layout, which will have white space, form and shape, then moving on to typography is very important before deciding what color schemes the website needs.

That said, the color will help set the mood for a website, because each color can evoke a certain emotion.


You can combine these colors however you need by using the color wheel. the color wheel, of course, contains your Primary colors, the Secondary colors and also the tertiary colors (which is your primary colors combined with the secondary).


You also have tints (any color + white) and shades (any color + black), which all combine to make up your color wheel.

Adobe Color CC is a good way to create your own color schemes for your website if needed.


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