Nov. 30, 2016 | Lesson 3 (Mapping Web Design)

Before I went into my lesson on, we first went over our Career Tree Project, which is discovering what career interests us and taking a closer look at them.

There was a list of entry level, technical careers, and professional careers and we were supposed to choose 1-3 of those that interested us the most. After, I looked up salary, daily responsibilities and requirements needed of a career that I was most interested in from my field.

I’m interested in getting into front end web design, so that is the professional career I chose. Starting out I would love to work for a company with a team of other professionals to use both for experience and networking source. My end goal would be to do this as a freelance job either working with other web developing companies or clients.

After doing that, I started a new lesson from called Mapping the Modern Web Design Process, which is basically just what it says, mapping out your design process for a website.

Below is a circular diagram of the process and planning of web design.


Though I said I wanted to work as a front-end web designer, if I really want to go into freelance I will eventually need to learn about the back-end to become a full stack developer. Even then, I wouldn’t be able to design a great website on my own. That was one of the things I realized going through these videos as he talked about all the roles that needed to be filled in a team.

The “Typical Roles” are just ones that are usually available within a big team, while the “Isolated Roles” are ones that should probably be filled by someone besides myself. It’s important to have a subjective view to the website, because mine could potentially be biased.


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