Dec. 5, 2016 | Business Letter Assignment

Today, I worked on creating a letterhead for a letter, in business format, detailing what I’d learned this semester, what I wanted to learn next semester, and my favorite and least favorite assignments/projects.

I decided to do my entire project in InDesign, though I did mess with some design ideas in Illustrator for the letterhead before scrapping them.

I wanted to create a monogram with my initials to “LNN” with a popular design that emphasizes your first initial between your middle and last initial to look something like “NLN” with the L’s font size noticeably bigger than the other two initials.

I chose to put it in a diamond shape with a three-point stroke width then copied that, scaling it down along with a one-point stroke

After I inserted my initials, individually so that I would be able to edit and position the initials how I wanted. The font I used is called “Cheboygan” that I found on


Then I created a side bar, with a fill of a dark turquoise color and inserted my monogram in there.

After, I formatted my letterhead as a business letter with my address, number and email… but I’m not going to show that.

Finally I typed up my letter in a text frame before finishing it up, printing it out and signing.



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