Dec. 6, 2016 | Project Day

Unfortunately, I didn’t really progress very far with my project because I forgot my flash drive with the latest save file. So I had to open an old save file that I had on the desktop. I’m usually good about saving at both locations in case something like this happens.

I had to quickly go through all the changes that I made to my last interactive PDF. Fortunately, I’ve been very familiar with this part since I have had to make minor adjustments so often with the one on my flash drive.

As before, I created tables for the coaches to fill out for “Returning Starters” and “Starters Lost”. There can only be a maximum of five players that fill these roles so I left a place for five names. I think in the future I will probably leave a couple of other multiline sections other than just the “Returning Starters (Describe Strengths)” and “Coach’s Comments” to make this form a little more in-depth.

Other than that, I’m pretty much finished with this other than some user test gin to make sure the buttons work how their designed, and taking the highlights off the form.

Here are some screenshots of the progression of today:


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