Feb. 9, 2017 | Work (Leave Request)

Today, I left for Ponca City to cover both the junior varsity and the varsity basketball teams of our high school. I don’t normally cover JV, especially on the road, but because the regular season is coming to a close, I left earlier to make to the JV game.

These longer trips make it later nights, and it’s not fun trying to find a WiFi spot so I can send my assignments into the office to be proofread for tomorrow’s paper. That’s why I don’t really enjoy Thursday night high school games on the road. Or any night that we go to press. It’s kind of a rush and a bit hectic.

We usually have them on Friday’s, but for whatever reason, Ponca City made a schedule change for Thursday.

Anyways, I took several pictures form the first half of both the girls’ and boys’ game while taking stats of the game on Game Changer. Once the games ended, I was able to upload the photos to Lightroom where I do most of my editing before captioning the photos and changing them to CMYK in Photoshop.

Once I finished that, I uploaded my photos to Dropbox, before writing my articles to turn in to Dropbox as well.

Now for the long trip home.


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