April 24, 2017 | last Brainbench tests

Today I took the last of my Brainbench tests so that they would be counted for our awards assembly on Wednesday. I only had at least three to take for Adobe Illustrator and HTML5.

Since I had only taken one lynda.com course for Adobe Illustrator before moving to courses that were more focused on web design, I was a little concerned with how well that test might turn out. Fortunately, I was able to pass.

As for HTML5, I needed to pass one Brainbench test that was for HTML, CSS or Dreamweaver. HTML was the most recent, and the only one I got to go in-depth so I took that one. While it was the lowest score I had ever gotten for one of my Brainbench tests, I got well above what I needed for a pass.

Since the school year is starting to come to a close, I’ll be starting on building my portfolio soon. Mainly to show some proficiency in web design, as well as coding.


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