April 28, 2017 | End of the Year Letter

Today I worked on my End of the Year Letter that our Digital Design class needed to turn in for next Wednesday. Since this project wouldn’t take very long, and I was still working on ideas for my End of the Year Wall Project, I decided I would finish this one up.

I used Adobe InDesign, and designed a very simple letter-head for my letter. I used the Rectangle Tool with a no stroke and a fill with a burgundy color.

I then used the Line tool with a 5 pt white stroke across the top to place my header just above.

For the font types for my information I went to Google Fonts and found a handwriting type font called Merienda One and typed in my name at 30 pt font size. For the rest, I used a simple Open Sans font at 10 pt font-size.

I used the same Open Sans font at 11 pt fro the body of my letter before setting the Space Before to 2p5 for the date and instructor’s information. For my paragraphs, I set the Space Before to 1p5.

After I had finished typing up the letter, I went to my printer settings to set a Bleed section for my letter-head, that way when I printed the letter, there would be no border. I set the Bleed to 0p10.

Before printing, I made sure the printer would pick up the settings I had for the Marks and Bleed section, then printed the letter to turn in.


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