May 2, 2017 | End of the Year Wall Project

I had originally considered using an old project for this, but I though better of it and decided to do something original. The problem I struggled with was deciding what I really wanted to do.

I though about doing an digital painting, but I’m a beginner artist at best, and I’m not familiar with digital painting techniques even though I want to get more into that. I’ve always been a more traditional artist, but event then, I have only used pencil and paper for sketches and drawings. Never paints or any sort of color.

I have a drawing tablet because I wanted to get into digital painting, figuring in the long run this would be less expensive than investing in paints, brushes and paper/canvases which would constantly need to be resupplied.

Eventually, I realized that this was very unrealistic of me to expect to learn how to use all the digital painting techniques for my artwork in one sitting, so I decided to try and look for different projects I could work on.


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