May 8, 2017 | End of the Year Video

So after getting all my required videos and screenshots together, I finally got it all edited and exported using Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Once I got my sound bites marked out from my “interview video”, setting up the sequence wasn’t that difficult. I laid out that at first, but didn’t like that it was just over two minutes long. The video is still a little too long for my tastes, but it’s manageable.

I have used Premiere Pro in the past, but have never used still images before. It was interesting using the Effects Controller to control how the image animated during the video by using the Scale and Position tools. Premiere Pro isn’t the most user friendly video editing software out there, but once you know some basics it can make it simple to use.

What I don’t like about the Premiere Pro is the lack of Title/Graphic animation templates. A much simpler video editing software to use would have been iMovie, but it’s not very intuitive. Despite that, iMovie has much more to offer with beginning titles, lower third animations and end credits. Premier Pro offers some, but not many.

The best thing to do, if you want some great title animations is to use Adobe After Effects. That said, I’ve only just begun to really use After Effects and I didn’t have to time to really get into utilizing that resource.

One video editing software program I’ve used in the past that is only slightly less intuitive than Premiere Pro, but has all the easy to use title animations of iMovie is Final Cut Pro. I’ve used it a lot in the past, but I wanted to familiarize myself with Premiere so I stuck with it to finish up my “End of the Year Video.”




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