Lesson 1 (Web Design Fundamentals)

Ultimately, I want to know how to design websites. I think in today’s work force, this is an important skill set because everyone (anymore) needs a website to promote their product and their customer’s needs. So I’ve started a new video called Web Design Fundamentals by James Williamson on Lynda.com.

In Lesson 1, I started out with setting up up my text editor, which is jus the Mac’s stock option for coding called Text Edit. James mentioned two other text editors called Brackets and Sublime Text, or Windows’ stock option: Notepad.

I’ve briefly used some coding years ago, but not much to where I had a great understanding of it.

To start, I learned some very basic html coding, starting my bare, basic website.



Next, I made “My First Page” as a heading, or h1, and “Exploring HTML” as the title of the page.

After, I went further to create the a paragraph in the body of the webpage underneath the heading.



Next, I did some CSS creating the style of the body, which includes the heading and paragraph, by changing the color of text red. I then changed the heading’s style by changing the font, size and color to separate it from the paragraph.

To finish, I used a Java Script to create a button that would change the color of the text from red to green and back by using “If, then” logic.

The final video, didn’t really show me any hands-on to coding, but what is important to learn when going into web design for someone who is completely new. Like I said, I have a very “newb” beginner’s knowledge of coding. I understood the concept of starting a heading and and ending it like: <h1>Heading Title</h1>, but that was it. So I’ll admit, the prospect of learning how to code (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) is a bit overwhelming, but I realize that there’s no way to get around it if I want to learn how to create websites.