Lesson 2 | HTML Essential Training

In this lesson I learned more about the basic page structure of creating an HTML document. But before I did that, I wanted to follow along with the course by using the program they used called Brackets. This is free code editor, so I downloaded it to follow along, and I was also curious about the live preview that the program has. I should also note that the live preview mode is viewed only in Google Chrome.

After that, I opened a new document to begin going through the page structure beginning with declaring my document type. The most basic and common of the document type is HTML5’s <!DOCTYPE html>.


Once the doctype is set, I can get into the head of the document by opening an html tag and including a language attribute with a set value of English. I then open a head tag and inside this tag I want to set the character encoding by including a meta tag

After closing the head, I moved on to the body of the of the page and opening a body tag before taking a look at the document in live preview.

In the live preview, I see that the “Page content” is too small, plus I want this to be a heading, so I got back to the code editor and use the h1 tags.

With that I move on with a paragraph tag that is still inside the body of the document.


Before finishing with the document, I bold the word “body” by using the opening and closing tags <b> and </b>.