Lesson 3 – Creating a Document

After finishing up Lesson 2 – which mostly consisted of short key commands to easily navigate through Indesign – I went through putting together a short spread of a business magazine in Lesson 3.

The many, many, many short key commands given through the lesson are a bit overwhelming but helpful in the long run… if I don’t forget them that it is.

There were many other helpful things I learned such as: adding and formatting text frames as well as importing images to bring more life to the pages. Something I found very interesting was the “Bleeding” section of the lesson. applying bleeding lines to extend beyond the borders of the spread sheets can be very helpful when going to print. Meaning that if the images, or anything with color besides white, is extended beyond the normal boundaries will prevent white slivers from showing on the edges if the page moves even slightly during print.

I decided to save the Magazine in pdf to show the finished “product.”

Magazine Spread pdf