Lesson 4 (Interactive PDFs)

To start Lesson 4 I learned how to create hyperlinks. Again, I gone over some things in Lesson 4 briefly in a previous lesson, but it was good to get a refresher.

By clicking on an object on the document with the selection tool then clicking on hyperlink to create “New Hyperlink…” I can edit different ways I want to use this hyperlink such as URL, Page, File, etc. In this case I wanted to use a URL then typed in the home page of Roux Academy, that way when someone clicked on rouxacademy.com in the bottom left, the link would take them straight to the home page.

I also went over how to create navigation buttons for the PDF by first going to the Master Page that way when I create the buttons here they will appear on all pages. I used the polygon tool to create a triangle, rotated it 90 degrees then scaled it down to fit the bottom right corner.

As you can see in the above image on the right, I also gave the triangle a black fill with a tint of 70% an no stroke.

By option clicking on the triangle I get a duplicate of the triangle then flipping it horizontally to create the “Previous” button. I duplicated the image once more then converted the image to a rectangle under the Objects section. I manipulated the image to a small strip then option+clicked that to duplicate it four times. With selection tool I selected all four rectangles then duplicated them and scaled them to small squares. I then converted those to ellipses and grouped the ellipses with the rectangles together so I had a button that would represent the Table of Contents page.

I then turned each of these buttons into buttons with the triangles representing “Next Page” and “Previous Page” giving them the proper actions in the Actions box. The Table of Contents was a slightly trickier because I had to create a page Hyperlink for the table of contents on page 3 by creating “New Hyperlink Destination…” I then chose the action “Go to Destination” for the button and chose and chose the destination I created in the Destination dropdown box. Finally I created rollover states for all buttons so that the buttons would change when the cursor rolled over the objects.

It surprises how fast and easy this process is once you have gone over it enough times.