Lesson 4

In Lesson 4 for Indesign, I dealt with how to manage all my pages in spreads (such as magazines or books), mainly using Master Pages. While I first started with learning how to add – or subtract – page(s) to a Magazine spread, I was more interested in the book section where the lesson taught me how utilize “Running Headers.” You find these in most books as footers, rather than an actual header, with the book title, chapter title, and/or page numbers.

Here is a before and after picture of adding “running headers” to a master page. Master pages act as templates for the entire document, so these headers were added to every page in the document, which I later had to set a “None” master page for the first 12 title pages.

In the picture above, you will see on the right page “<Running Header>” which indicates a text variable, and will change from page-to-page depending on the title of that particular chapter.

Another section of the lesson I learned that I was interested in was how to add spread pages like the “Global Bank” brochure I’ve use in previous lessons.