Lesson 6 – Illustrator Essentials

Lesson 6 of Illustrator CC Essential Training (2015) was all about transforming objects on a document, which consists of duplicating, scaling, rotating, reflecting, etc.

To start off, I learned how to duplicate an object, which could be done in different ways, the most obvious being to select the objects, copy then paste.

This way is very time consuming, and when you paste the object it pastes right at the center of the document, which gives you  less control when duplicating.

Another way is to option+click on the object then, while holding option, press shift and drag where you want the object so it stays center with the object you are copying it from.



Again, this can be time consuming, even though I will be using this process along with a different process.

This next way, is to first option+click then press shift to drag the object and place a duplicate next to the object. Next I press command+D multiple times to duplicate the objects with the same constraints of the previous duplicate. To duplicate that entire row, I selected the whole row, option+click then shift+drag while still holding down option to duplicate the row down. Next I use the command+D shortcut to duplicate that row to fill the rest of the document.

Next I learned how to isolate objects within a group. To isolate an object that is grouped with others,  I simply double click on the individual emblems. This allows me to select the individual logos, which still have their groups.



To isolate an object within one of those groups, I double click again, which will then gray out the rest of the objects that aren’t selected.



You see that I’ve selected the airplane on the second row, so the other objects are grayed out.

Let’s say that I want to edit, or give one of these a different color. I continue to double click on the object until I’ve selected the red stripes on the umbrella, use the color swatch to change their color and exit out of the group by clicking on the arrow in the gray bar.

I also learned how to rotate objects by using the rotate tool on a clock. First I select the minute hand on the clock, then click on the rotating tool, then click on the center of the clock so that the minute-hand will rotate around that origin point. clicking on the anchor point at the end then dragging it to 15 minute-mark.

I do the same with the hour hand, by selecting it, clicking on the rotate tool, click on the center then drag the anchor till  we hit the six hour mark.



To add dashes on the clock to mark hours on the clock, I can use the line tool mark the 12-hour with a short dash, select the dash with the selection tool, use the rotate tool to mark the center of the clock, option+click the dash and shift+option drag the dash till it hits an hour mark. I then use the command+D shortcut and continue to press those keys till the clock is filled.