Lesson 5 (Interactive PDFs)

In Lesson 5 I learned more about how to use media tools to add videos and some animations to an interactive PDF.

I can easily inset a video into a PDF by going to the media panel–which can also be found it under Window in the Interactive section–then clicking on “place video or audio file” in the bottom right corner of the panel. After selecting the media file I used the cursor to place where I want it.

I can also add navigation points in the video by first scrolling to the place in the video, and adding it to the navigation box. By placing a button underneath the video and formatting it  to go to the navigation point, users can easily click on the button to go to that destination.



Finally, I learned about adding animations starting with what some basics.

In the images above with the black box, I used a pin tool first clicking on the box, then creating three more points that formed a zig-zag motion. This represented the path I wanted the box to take. I used the selection tool to select both the box and the path, then clicked “Convert to motion path” so that the path would turn into an animation.

Using both the Animation and Timing panel could be useful when trying to add extra effects to a document or PDF.