Lesson 6 | Mapping Web Design

In lesson 6, the building phase of web design, the video kind of goes through the development stage and with coding and the importance of creating guidelines for this process. This is called creating style guides.

This process is present in other communication outlets like media and print, but for the web design, style guides are considered “living” meaning they are constantly evolving with the project. These style guides allow members of the team to build new components or change the existing ones based on the rules outlined in the document.

This process describes through words, numbers and examples how all items are to be styled and designed to produce consistent visual communication.

This allows the focus to be on the main component of the website. For example, a blog’s main component are the posts. For that you would isolate the code and set it up in the browser. The font, sizes, colors and other styling elements using CSS comes later as a linked asset for the code.

I think why this process stood out to me is because I’ve noticed that sometimes when a website has trouble loading it will go to it’s basic HTML coding like the picture are the far left above. Though visually, it is lacking it still has the core elements it needs to make a website and is still navigable for site visitors. That is why the main component of the site comes first when coding, then the visual elements.