Lesson 7

Because of Labor Day weekend, I decided to go over the first part of Lesson 7 to kind of refresh myself on what I learned, which involved the half title page, the title page and the copyright page.

I then finished up with Lesson 7 today, though I had hoped to finish with both 7 and 8. Since our Career Center class was today, that cut into some of my InDesign time, but no big deal. I finished with another lesson, and I feel closer to finishing “Designing a Book,” but it also feels so far away.

Since I had just finished with the copyright page, I then added two more pages before “Chapter 1” to create the Table of Contents page. Placing the .rtf file I placed the table and reformatted it to fit the look I wanted.

After finishing with the table of contents I then worked on numbering the front matter as well as the body of the project.

By right-clicking on the very first page in the Pages panel I clicked on “Numbering & Section Options…” to change the front matter numbers to lower-case roman numerals. I then went to the first page of Chapter 1 and went through the same process, only this time I changed the number to Arabic numerals and checked the “Start Page Numbering at: 1” so that the actual body of the project started at number 1 instead of number 7.

Though that is mainly, the last piece of the puzzle – so to speak – I will still have to go through the to see if there are any other minor changes or formatting issues I need to make.