Lesson 8 & 9

For Lesson 8 I worked on crating a cover and back cover for my print version of the novel. There are two way I could do this, the first is through the Blurb plug-in, which I could’ve downloaded from their website and the second–as well as my preferred option–is to create it from scratch.

I started by creating a new document and went through the sizes of the document. Since I was creating an entire cover that also includes the spine, which I needed to know how many pages and what paper stock I planned on printing on. Knowing this I could accurately define the size of the document and then create guides for to mark the spine of the cover.


After creating the spine, I created more guidelines across the entire document so that I would be able to place the title as well as images I planned to use for the cover.


I then created placed a marquee around the bleed borders and filled in with a warm yellow on both the front cover and spine, as well as part of the back cover.


Going through I added the text to both the back cover as well as formatted the title on the front cover, along with two images. I finished by placing the title on the spine and the logo.

The right image is the finished cover that I planned to use for print.

Lesson 9 was more about last minute clean-up (preflighting) and exporting the document for print. The training video uses Blurb to export and print the document. The videos just went through how to upload the finished novel and cover to Blurb so that it could be printed.