Lesson 8 & 9

Lesson 8 dealt with creating color swatches for documents and creating and applying gradients to text fields, or to letters themselves.

Color swatches are, I guess what artists would refer to as palettes, which are specific colors that are used within a painting or in this case a document.

An example of creating and applying new color swatches are in the two pictures below. In the original document we started with a pink tint color, but after creating a new color to add to the already created swatches I changed the document to green.

I also learned how to create and apply gradients to a document. There are several ways to create, as well as edit, gradients to fit the needs. I can create a gradient in a dialog box, but to have more flexibility in editing the gradient the way I want – in this case make the gradient flow from top to bottom instead of side-to-side – I have to click on the gradient panel on the far right and change the “Angle.”

In “Lesson 9 – Frames and Paths” I dealt with how to create paths and frames, as well as how to edit an already created frame or text outline. The lesson fairly straightforward.