Lessons 10-12

In the first lesson (Lesson 10 – Managing Objects) I learned how to rearrange items on a document using “bring to front” or “send backward” commands. I also learned how to group objects and organize my layer panel, which helps with my OCD to keep everything organized as well as separated in manageable groups.

After learning different ways to organize all items on the document, I learned more about text wrap, which will come in use when an image overlaps my text frames and vise versa.

The to left photo shows the original image where the text is covering the image. By going to text wrap and choosing one of the types of text wrap I wanted you see the text begins to “wrap” around the image in the top right, but I still needed to fine tune the format. Changing the “type” to “Alpha Channel” the text instead wrapped around the edge of the figure itself rather than the image frame to give me the desire result.

In lesson 11, the videos focused more on transforming objects in a document by duplicating, rotating, scaling, skewing and mirroring. The one I found most useful and interesting was mirroring objects.

In the video I mirrored a photo to try and get a reflection effect on the document.

I started with the far left image then mirrored the photo horizontally on a center reference point, before mirror vertically over a bottom reference point while also holding down the “option” key to duplicate the image and get a reflection. I think skewed the bottom image (or reflection) and applied a “feather gradient” to give an appearance of a reflection on a shiny surface.

Lesson 12 was very straightforward and basically death with character formatting of sentences, texts and headlines.