Lessons 16 & 17

I have finally tackled all 17 lessons from “InDesign CC Essential Training 2015.” I started with Lesson 16 and learned how to use various tools to edit interactive PDFs, and preparing books for e-publishing.

In the below images I learned how to add hyperlinks to text on an interactive PDF so that clicking on the text would lead users to the company website.

I first highlighted the text that I was going to change to a hyperlink then clicked on the “Hyperlinks” panel to embed the URL within the text. I later reformatted the right image so that the hyperlink would go back to its original format of white text without the underline.

In the next lesson, I added video to the interactive PDF. Unfortunately, after I exported the PDF, the video did not show up because I did not have Flash Player.

Lesson 16 - adding video

In another lesson, I learned how to prepare a book for e-publishing. On the first export the book was a mess, so I had to go back through and properly format.

Lesson 16 - exporting reflowable epub

I had to export this as a reflowable text PDF so that the document would reformat itself according to the font size or what tablet it was being viewed. Fixed layouts are exported for documents like on the previous PDF with interactive elements, as well as some animations.

In the final lesson I went through packing, printing and export documents. There are are a lot of different things to consider when doing any of these tasks. Mainly, what is the purpose of the PDF or text you are exporting? What will it be used for? Will the package include the image links (which is very important, in case the document will be edited according to the client’s needs)? Will it include the typekits that were used on the document? (Most cases this is not necessary because the client will have Creative Cloud and can be downloaded from there, or there may be some copyrighting issues.) Or will you make sure to save the document in IDML so that it can be opened in an older version of Adobe InDesign?