Lessons 3 & 4 – Finishing Creating PDFs

Today I was able to finish the rest of Michael Murphy’s training videos for “Creating PDF Forms with InDesign”, and while it only has four lessons, the videos are fairly in depth. What I enjoyed about these lessons was that these are applicable to what I do in my work now.

In lesson three I learned how to apply combo boxes. These are commonly used as drop-down boxes when filling out the “Section” such as AK (Alaska), AL (Alabama), AR (Arkansas), etc. Control clicking or right clicking on the “State” text field and going to the “Interactive” submenu to click on “Convert to combo box.” From there I went to the buttons and forms panel to edit the combo box how I wanted to and putting in my list of states.

Adding more finishing touches to the form, I added the “Print” and “Submit” buttons that will be used in the interactive PDF. When I started both print and submit were just static text fields, but by right-clicking or control clicking on after selecting both fields I clicked on “Convert to button” in the Interactive submenu. From there edited the buttons’ appearance and name, but before they could actually work as a print and submit button, I had to add actions and from that drop-down menu gave them the necessary actions.

In lesson 4, I mainly worked with Acrobat to finish up my form. One of the Acrobat-only options pertained to the payment information. Where the Card Number goes there are 16 sections for the numbers to go, but starting it did not work how it’s supposed to.

Lesson 4 - Acrobat-only options 1

Above you see the numbers do not fit perfectly inside each of those sections. To adjust this I had to go to “Prepare Form” then right-click or control click on that selection.

By going to the selection’s properties and then options, I deselected “check spelling” then selected “Comb of” then inserted 16 characters. I was then able to fit numbers within each placeholder.

Lesson 4- Acrobat-only options 4

After finishing with this final video, Michael Murphy pointed to Claudia McCue’s “Acrobat XI: Creating Forms”, which he had referenced a few more times earlier in his lessons talking about how much more in depth she goes into creating forms. For now, I feel like I have the basics to create PDFs.