Lessons 5 -7

I know this is adding a few more lessons that I normally do, but I flew through several lessons.

In Lesson five, the two main things I took from the training video was threading text from one frame to another, and how to use story editor.

I found threading texts very interesting and noticed it could be useful in instances when the full text can’t fit in one frame, so you can thread to another frame in the layout.

Here’s a before and after picture where I took the text from the top right frame and threaded to another frame on the next page of the spread.

This tool is extremely useful when you have lots of text for a story, or book.

Lesson 5 - Shift+Click for whole story

In the pages menu in the far right corner you can see up to 22 pages are filled with text, and you do this by shift-clicking on the document and it will fill with more pages until the entire text is in the document.

One more thing I’ve been very interested in learning was creating logos. This wasn’t gone through in detail, but a tool that was kind of to use was the “Type to Path” tool.

With this I was able to type in a circular path and place the text on the logo for the finished effect.

Lesson 6 dealt with graphic images like how to update links manually as well as how to edit the images in the document in their original program (such as Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop).

These first images above were edited in Adobe Illustrator starting with the original image on the far left. I opened the image in Ai and edited the lettering with a brown color in the color swatch panel before saving and updating it in the brochure.

I also learned how to embed QR codes on the brochure.Lesson 6 - Adding QR Code_After

In Lesson 7 I mainly learned how to formate objects using the stroke and fill tools.

Lesson 7 - using stroke and fill_txt frame

With the tool I was able to change text as well as the text frame, and also added a border to the frame.

Probably my favorite tool to learn was the “drop shadow,” which I added to the photo image as well as the horizontal “Globe Bank” logo at the top. The video also pointed out this tool tends to be overused and I can see why.