Lessons 6 & 7


I never realized how much actually went into laying out a book, and it is overwhelming at how many things you need to keep a close eye on.

On Wednesday I cleaned up the images, or illustrations in the novel, and today I cleaned up the text. I first created a master page for by chapter openers. Towards the beginning of this entire video tutorial I created master pages for the novel that would have headers, running headers and page number to the left and right of those headers. For my B-Master Pages I complete scrapped those so that only a page number would show up at the bottom center of the page where the chapter opens.

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.18.12 PM

n the next three images you will see the before shot (where the A-Master Page was applied to my chapter openers) and the after shot (with the B-Master Page applied).

I continued through the document to find various texts and paragraphs that needed to be cleaned up through GREP style. One such issue I needed to format were where “widows and orphans” were present. Widows are when paragraph-ending lines or words fall at the beginning of the following page, separating it from its text, whereas the reverse is true for orphans meaning the paragraph endings fall at the end of the page.

Each of these fixes that I made to the text were resolved in various ways such as increasing or decreasing images scales, line spaces, etc.

In Lesson 7, this marks some of the finished pieces of the book by creating a half title and title pages. I had to create another master page for this.

The following images are from the formatting I used for the title page.

This final image is from the copyright page that usually precedes the first chapter.