Logo Project

Today we started working on creating a logo for MRF Services with a few parameters given, but other than that a lot of freedom in creating it.

First, the logo needs to be an oval shape with red and white for the main color scheme.

I started with the ellipses tool to form the oval outline of the logo with a red stroke. I then used the “Offset Path…” under the Object menu by scrolling down to Path. Using this I could create another red stroke. I created one more, this time with a white stroke before filling the outlines with red.



I then used the text tool on the paste board typing “MRF” and then “Services.” Initially, I used a font I found from dafont.com called “Add City Boy,” however, I’m going to have to change that because some creators have weird copyright policies even if they say 100% free next to their created fonts. I will have to use a different font so that it will be able to be embedded with the logo. I gave the font a red fill with light-gray stroke with a 100 pt size.

I later increased the size of the text so that there wasn’t so much wasted white space inside the logo.

I then created a stroke with a light-gray color and duplicated to create two of the same size. I created a triangle with the same stroke color to place as an arrow.