Magazine Cover Project

Today I combined my cover image with the masthead (title), and since I’m basing this off a Sports Illustrated that’s the title of the magazine I am creating.

I decided to go with the Dak Prescott (quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys) image for the cover. Opening the image in Adobe Photoshop, I used the Quick Selection and Lasso tools like I did on the previous image. After, I clicked on the “Refine Edge” in the control bar, I began to clean up my selection as much as possible.

in the Refine Edge menu, I changed the menu to Black & White. In the Edge Detection section, I checked the “Smart Radius”  then scrolled it to about 6.2 px to soften the edges, but not make them transparent.

Changing the view to “Overlay”, then using the “Refine Radius” and “Erase Refinement” tool I was able to clean up the edges. After making sure that this would add a New Layer with a New Layer Mask, I clicked OK.

Switching from Adobe Photoshop to Adobe InDesign, I added a graphic image box to the front cover where I will be placing my cover image. Going to the File menu then “Place…”, or Command+D, I was able to place the photo image I want to use for the magazine cover.

I then switched to Adobe Illustrator to finish up the masthead that I wanted on the front cover. I chose the font “Paragon” from, which I thought was the closest one to Sports Illustrated‘s magazine covers.

Once my masthead was typed, I increased the font size, decreased the leading, and changed the font to a gold color and decreased the opacity to 85% so that some of the background image would come through. I then right-clicked on the masthead and clicked on “Create Outlines.” This allowed me to make some custom changes to the font. After saving the masthead, I added it to the cover.

To make my main subject on the cover come to the forefront, I used the subject from Photoshop and placed it on top of the subject in InDesign to make it appear over the masthead.