Magazine Cover

Today we’re starting on a project that involves creating magazine covers with an image, masthead (title), and no less than four article teasers… basically anything you see on a magazine cover.

Here is the magazine that I’m feeding off inspiration of:



Since I’m a sports editor for my local newspaper… and it’s currently football season… doing something along the lines of Sports Illustrated makes sense.

Originally, I was thinking to use a photo that I’ve taken at a football game like the one below.



I haven’t entirely ruled it out, but since I’ve been thinking more about it I thought about either using photos from online.

The top left is of Dak Prescott, the back-up quarterback for Tony Romo of the Dallas Cowboys. He has become big news for the Cowboys because he plays like the veteran that Romo is, but has the freshness of a rookie, which could be bad news for Romo since he has become injury prone.

I’m a huge OSU cowboy fan (both of my parents are OSU alums) and am all for the big Bedlam rivalry… more so in football than in basketball or baseball. It’s more exciting for some reason. I thought about using both the image of Baker Mayfield (QB for OU Sooners in the bottom left) and Mason Rudolph (QB for OSU Cowboys in far right) for a “House Divided” type magazine. Still brainstorming about it.

With the image I took myself, I used the quick selection tool to select both the QB (Reid Miller) and the two players that are in the image. My idea is to bring Miller in front of the masthead, while the two other subjects are in the background.

After using the quick selection tool, I used the lasso tool and zoomed in on the photo to clean up the selection.



In Adobe InDesign, I wanted to go ahead and set up my cover document by making it an 8 in. x  11 in. with a 5  mm margin and 0p9 bleed area.



I then created a second layer that I’m going to set up guides for my document to help place my items on the cover. After creating the new layer, I titled it guides then changed the color from red to magenta.

With that layer selected, I went to the Layout menu and scrolled to “Create Guides…” I set up the guides to be five rows and three columns with a 1p0 gutter and I wanted them fitted to the margins.